Sexta-feira, 17 de Abril de 2009

Ceci n´est pas la fin...#2


Depois de 19 anos em Portugal e uma passagem fugaz por Madchester,o retorno inglório a Maputo.Quanto á parte que vos interresa,o blog vai de férias forçadas,2 ou 3 anos,quando houver tempo,entretanto se tiver paciência ou algo para dizer estarei pelo twitter sem esquecer o L is for Links.
Vemo-nos daqui a uns anos.Aquele abraço!
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Chet Baker after a Los Angeles recording session (close) 1953 por Bob Willoughby


Ray Nance, backstage, Duke Ellington's Orchestra, Los Angeles, 1951 por Bob Willoughby


Miles Davis, backstage at 'Just Jazz' concert, Los Angeles, 1950 por Bob Willoughby


Girls Screaming at Jazz concert, Los Angeles, 1951 por Bob Willoughby


Big Jay McNeely playing on his back, Los Angeles, 1951 por Bob Willoughby

Bob Willoughby


* "Olha! Já tocas esse trompete com três partes do teu corpo. Com a cabeça, com os beiços e com o coração. Percebes, filho? Tás quase um músico completo."
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Quinta-feira, 16 de Abril de 2009

Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York


Everything is more complicated than you think.You only see a tenth of what is true.There are a million little strings attached to every choice you make.You can destroy your life every time you choose.
But maybe you won't know for 20 years and you may never, ever trace it to its source.And you only get one chance to play it out.Just try and figure out your own divorce.
And they say there is no fate,but there is,it's what you create.
And even though the world goes on for eons and eons you are only here for a fraction of a fraction of a second.Most of your time is spent being dead or not yet born.
But while alive,you wait in vain wasting years for a phone call or a letter or a look from someone or something to make it all right.And it never comes,or it seems to,but it doesn't really.
So you spend your time in vague regret or vaguer hope that something good will come along.
Something to make you feel connected.
Something to make you feel whole.
Something to make you feel loved.
And the truth is,I feel so angry.
And the truth is,I feel so fucking sad.
And the truth is,I've felt so fucking hurt for so fucking long.
And for just as long,I've been pretending I'm okay just to get along,just for...I don't know why.Maybe because no one wants to hear about my misery because they have their own.
Well, fuck everybody.

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Quarta-feira, 15 de Abril de 2009

rex comix: amor platônico

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Domingo, 12 de Abril de 2009

Rocket Science


Sometimes, I don't know,
I guess I just wonder when it all starts to make sense, you know?


Well, I guess there comes a point, you see, when you reach a certain age and you're in Jersey,or someplace just like it, stop trying to figure it all out.

You just...are glad for what you have.


And that...that just, like, happens for everyone?


Yeah. Pretty much.
But you let me know if it turns out different for you.



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"...and they lived happily ever after."

Dill Pixels

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An industry of excess

"It was 1999 when I got my first taste of the inner-workings of a major record label - I was a young college student, and the inside of a New York label office seemed so vast and exciting. Dozens of worker bees hummed away at their desks on phones and computers. Music posters and stacks of CDs littered every surface. Everyone seemed to have an assistant, and the assistants had assistants, and you couldn't help but wonder "what the hell do all these people do?" I tagged along on $1500 artist dinners paid for by the labels. Massive bar tabs were regularly signed away by record label employees with company cards. You got used to people billing as many expenses back to the record company as they could. I met the type of jive, middle-aged, blazer-wearing, coke-snorting, cartoon character label bigwigs who you'd think were too cliche to exist outside the confines of Spinal Tap. It was all strange and exciting, but one thing that always resonated with me was the sheer volume of money that seemed to be spent without any great deal of concern. Whether it was excessive production budgets or "business lunches" that had nothing to do with business, one of my first reactions to it all was, "so this is why CDs cost $18..." An industry of excess. But that's kind of what you expected from the music business, right? It's where rock stars are made. It's where you get stretch limos with hot tubs in the back, where you get private jets and cocaine parties. "



"For the major labels, it's over. It's fucking over. You're going to burn to the fucking ground, and we're all going to dance around the fire. And it's your own fault. Surely, somewhere deep inside, you had to know this day was coming, right? Your very industry is founded on an unfair business model of owning art you didn't create in exchange for the services you provide. It's rigged so that you win every time - even if the artist does well, you do ten times better. It was able to exist because you controlled the distribution, but now that's back in the hands of the people, and you let the ball drop when you could have evolved."

When Pigs Fly: The Death of Oink, the Birth of Dissent, and a Brief History of Record Industry Suicide.
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Sexta-feira, 10 de Abril de 2009

Provocação* Religiosa #26


*Porque hoje é Sexta-feira ,dia de virar-me para Meca
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The Party Forces Awake

grand geometrician’s ball from Patrick Wright on Vimeo.


O tipo de festas organizadas pela The Adventure School que nunca,mas mesmo nunca se deve ficar de fora.
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...and i was left in my little odd world*

Moçambique,praia do Bilene


 Cachorro Grande - Conflitos Existenciais


 Conflitos existenciais tomam conta da minha cabeça
De onde eu vim e quem sou?
Por que estou aqui e pra onde vou?
Conflitos existenciais tomam conta da minha consciência
Porque nada é como eu queria que fosse


*2 meses de conflitos existenciais ou como recuperar a cor natural depois de 5 meses sem apanhar sol em Madchester

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Quarta-feira, 8 de Abril de 2009



Escutem-me, meus irmãos!
Quando me alistei, ouvi o que disse o General De Gaulle.
Ele disse que a França lutava pela liberdade no mundo.


Pensei que a guerra nos daria os direitos dos nossos irmãos de armas franceses.
Estamos todos a lutar contra Hitler.
Pela liberdade, a igualdade e a fraternidade.
Está na hora de nos darem alguma dessa liberdade,dessa igualdade e, acima de tudo, dessa fraternidade!


Estamos a mudar o destino da França.
As coisas também têm que mudar para nós!

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Domingo, 5 de Abril de 2009

"Acorda rapaz o dia rompe"



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Sexta-feira, 27 de Março de 2009

Provocação* Religiosa #25

Synaptic Impulse

*Porque hoje é Sexta-feira ,dia de virar-me para Meca
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Quinta-feira, 26 de Março de 2009

Le Cool Lx

Le Cool Lisboa

Ricardo Cabral

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This is indie rock in 2009

"I hadn't given much thought to SXSW before arriving, and didn't have many expectations. My first experience of the place was waiting in line for "registration" with hundreds, maybe thousands of other musicians. It was the most bedraggled, poverty stricken, drugged out, greasy bunch of insecure losers I have ever stood in a line with, and they were all arrogant to boot. Now this is a sad situation. We were all standing in line, waiting to be tagged, cows at the feed lot waiting for the slaughter, each one fighting to be first in line. Soon as we got our indestructible and unremovable non-transferrable space age bracelets fitted to our skinny wrists, the competition began! Oh my lordy me oh my.

And of course the music didn't matter. At all. We were all wearing earplugs and stumbling around blindly in search of comfort and relief from the 90 degree heat. Targets and sitting ducks. Water was scarce, so we drank a lot of beer. And somebody is making money here, I can see it and feel it. But none of it is going into the hands of musicians. This is indie rock in 2009. I see.


Para perceberem melhor o universo da Larkin Grimm nada melhor do que ouvir a conversa sincera e elucidante que teve com o Sérgio Hydalgo em 2007.
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Quinta-feira, 19 de Março de 2009

The Big Bang Theory S02E08


"I'm not watching the Clone Wars TV series until I have seen the movie. I wish to be disappointed in the order George Lucas intended."
" Are you joking? Star Trek V is the standard against which all badness is measured!"
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Wong Kar Wai's Happy Together + The Whitest Boy Alive's Island
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