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A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints

Dianne Wiest

You know, if you hooked your father up to a lie detector test and asked if he was the best father whoever lived ever,he'd pass with flying colors.

Dianne Wiest

That's because he loved you with everything he had.
Every last bit.He loved you.

You know, people used to think he was your grandfather.
He thought that was funny.

We were too old to have such a young boy.
We needed you probably more than you needed us.

Your father was so crazy about you.
I never saw nothing like it.

Dianne Wiest

You were more his buddy than a son.
He couldn't wait for you to come out and play.

-I'm sorry, Ma.

Dianne Wiest

-You can't come back with hatred for your father.You can't.

How could you love him so much in that book and not see him for so long?

Dianne Wiest

I know you have your reasons.

We all missed you here.
You're my son, too.

Look at you.You're a man now.
It's good to see you again.
To say your name to you.

Dianne Wiest

I thought of this every day, and now it's here.
Every day.

-You think you're going?
You're gonna fuckin' leave?
Go ahead, fuckin' go.

You're not gonna go.
You didn't fuckin' come all the way over so you could leave again.

Robert Downey Jr.

-You don't know.
You don't know what it was like in the house, okay?

Rosario Dawson

You want it straight?
'Cause I'm the only one who's gonna tell you for some fuckin' reason.

Rosario Dawson

You killed him.
You killed your father when you left.
Are you hearing me?
You fuckin' killed him.
You left a trail of blood when you left.
So forget me.
Forget all this shit.
Forget it, alright?

Rosario Dawson

You killed your mother and you killed your father.
And for the past fuckin' 20 years he's been dying, just waiting for you to come home.
Say daddy, you're fucked up.
I hate your guts.
Whatever you need to get out of your angsty little fuckin' head.

Rosario Dawson

Let it out!
Stop fuckin' running away.
You think you're a man?
That's just a fuckin' tail between your legs.

Rosario Dawson

Go home and take care of your mother.
Go home and take care of your father.
That's gonna make you a fuckin' man.
That's all you've got left.
'Cause if you don't do that shit, it's too fuckin' late.

Chazz Palminteri

-Get out of the house.

Robert Downey Jr.

-Did you love me?

Robert Downey Jr.

Dad, did you love me or not?
Daddy, I gotta know.
Lie to me and tell me you did.
Let me feel like the piece of shit I am.
Did you love me or not?

Robert Downey Jr.

Answer me!

Chazz Palminteri

-A father always...

Robert Downey Jr.

-Not a father!

Chazz Palminteri

-Of course I did.
I told you I loved you the last time I saw you.

I love you, Dito.
You're my son.
I'm very proud of you.

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