Quarta-feira, 21 de Maio de 2008

The Man From Earth


...the philosophical teachings of jesus are buddhism
with a hebrew accent, kindness, tolerance, brotherhood, love, a ruthless realism acknowledging that life is as it is here on earth, here and now.
The kingdom of god, meaning goodness, is right here, where it should be.


"I am what I am becoming."

That's what the buddha brought in.


And that's what I taught.
But a talking snake make a lady eat an apple, so we're screwed.
Heaven and hell were peddled so priests could rule through seduction and terror, save our souls that we never lost in the first place.

It's been said that buddha and jesus
would laugh or cry if they'd known what was done in their name.


... and if there is a creator, he'd probably feel the same way.


I see ceremony, ritual, processions, genuflecting,
moaning, intoning, venerating cookies and wine, and I think...
It's not what I had in mind.

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