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Courez Courez

Hermas Zopoula


Hermas Zopoula - Courez Courez


"Hermas Zopoula, the youngest of 36 siblings, was born the small village of Yoro in Burkina Faso, West Africa. His family is the descendent of the Sissali griot Gouaka Djoua, and it is from him that Hermas has inherited, “the voice of the musicians.” While the rest of Burkina Faso’s musical youth have been out chasing the latest trends in hip-hop, reggae, and “musiques chaudes,” Zopoula has been crafting his balance of traditional songwriting with a more modern vision since he was old enough to hold a guitar. Zopoula incorporates the guitar, balafone, and female back-up singers to write very personal and powerful songs of redemption and hope in the midst of struggle."[F]

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