Terça-feira, 25 de Setembro de 2007

Why Do the Terrorists Want to Hurt Me?

"On September 11th, 2001 a most vicious and dangerous enemy attacked our nation and gave a wake up call to every American. Now nearly eight years after that tragic day, a day that we pledged to never forget, there is a generation coming to a tender age that have never witnessed the evil achievements of the terrorists with their own eyes.

I feel it is my duty as an American, a Parent and as a man of faith to prepare this tender generation as well as the generations yet to come for the dark future that could lie ahead of them.  In today’s haze of liberal propaganda, it is hard to know whom to trust and these vicious left wing tactics of trying to dispel the obvious terrorist threats around us are only confusing our children.

It is my hope that my books will educate children at a young age to be aware of the terrorist’s threat abroad and at home.  My books embody the spirit of traditional American family values and teach our children to beware of whom they talk to and where they live.

So turn off the television, gather the family around the easy chair and enjoy these fun and educational stories that you can cherish in your family forever."(F)
Via World-O-Crap

A animação em flash deste «livro infantil» é tão ridícula que é difícil dizer se é uma paródia,ou o fruto de um ... «verdadeiro patriota».
Mas «Archi» não se fica por aqui,por lançar no site estão mais duas pérolas:Border Out of Order e The Bible Says “Boys Wear Pants, Girls Wear Dresses”

Border Out of Order

"This book shows how foreign languages and illegal aliens are working to undermine the security and the values of our country. Your children will learn about the broken borders and the invasion we natural citizen’s face everyday."

"In the first book we are taught that God has created boys and girls to be different from one another and to follow their ordained roles in life. Your children will learn that being a part of this great land requires certain convictions in the way we dress, act and worship, and that God has a wonderful plan for children who wish to be good little boys and girls."
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