Quinta-feira, 4 de Outubro de 2007

Give us the music, we will go to your shows

"... the prizes are high, labels only want Amy's and Spears for their awful news, and we that really like this music thing, are spending hours on the net trying to find those great  - never will be big - artists that come to our town for a show once a decade, if we are lucky.

And even under the most lucrative record deals, the ones reserved for repeat, multi-platinum superstars, the artists can end up with less than 30% of overall sales revenue (which often is then split among several band members). Meanwhile, as record sales decline, the concert business is booming. In July, Prince gave away his album Planet Earth for free in the U.K. through the downmarket Mail on Sunday newspaper. At first he was ridiculed. Then he announced 21 consecutive London concert dates — and sold out every one of them."(1)
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De Bruno a 11 de Outubro de 2007 às 16:37
Pensei que ninguém me lia em Portugal ... tenho de ver melhor as minhas estatísticas
De Ridwan a 11 de Outubro de 2007 às 18:58
Pois é, tens que ver isso melhor.

Ps:vê lá se divulgas algo de musica pt

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