Domingo, 18 de Novembro de 2007

Fish and Chips

Mariah Skellorn
"Fish and Chips Tree" Mariah Skellorn

"This project is a response to our current methods of acquiring food, and their increasing lack of sustainability. In the future our food supply could incur serious problems as there may be competition for farm land. The world's population will rise and currently governments plan to increase production of bio diesel crops. Scientists have been experimenting with cloning and genetic modification of many foods in order to further intensify the productivity of farming. Growing combinations of food on the same tree is an imaginary solution to the lack of farm land that we may experience in the future. These images may at first seem comical but if we continue our current consumer habits these trees could become closer to reality. Processed foods growing on trees may seem far fetched but they serve to emphasise the question of what is going too far. Methods of food production that may have seemed ludicrous twenty years ago are becoming more and more common place."(1)

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