Segunda-feira, 31 de Dezembro de 2007

Better To Sing and Shout Then To Say Prayers

Hello my friends
Hello world

I said it once before
And I said it with no fear
For most of us here and now
The end is very near

But for regrets
This is neither the time
or the place
Better that we got out
with a little bit of style
And a little bit of grace
Like a climatic ending scene
Of an epic motion picture
We are all beautiful losers
And we are all beautiful sinners
In this global life drama
We are indeed among the last
Both planet and inhabitants
Destined for fatal crash
Better to sing and shout
Then to say prayers
Because we are not the audience
We are the players.

DJ Vibe feat Ithaka - You

Hasta 2008
publicado por Ridwan às 19:17
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2 comentários:
De M. a 31 de Dezembro de 2007
Bom Ano Novo, you beautiful sinner;)!
De Ridwan a 31 de Dezembro de 2007
A ver se mais logo existem condições(depende do teor %) para "Sing and Shout",olha,se tivesse mais tempo era sinner para decorar a letra de Aksi Kucing e cantarolar pela madrugada "Meyong Meyong" ;)

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