Terça-feira, 20 de Maio de 2008

Live at Other Music: Black Lips


"Yeah, we were a little bit scared when we booked Black Lips to play an in-store. Would they (and their combat ready fans — check the army helmet in the front row) tear apart the store? Would they blow the sound system? Would they pee on us? But our passion beat out our terror, and anyway, they wanted to play acoustic, so what could go wrong? And despite a reputation for alcohol-fueled mayhem at their gigs, by all accounts these guys are sweet, silly and a ton of fun, and they did not disappoint on any of these fronts. The band delivered a (vaguely) acoustic set of raucous songs from their recent Good Bad Not Evil album, as well as some classics. Afterwards our super-fan Pam sat down in the back room with Cole and Jared to talk about life on the road, dressing like ghosts, and their impending expedition to China. Don’t be frightened, enjoy!" [F]

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