Terça-feira, 20 de Maio de 2008

Am i Free?


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Quinta-feira, 7 de Fevereiro de 2008




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Quinta-feira, 6 de Dezembro de 2007

All You See Is... Crime In The City

Skeme-Crime in The City

I remember the seen where this train
In the NYC was covered from top to bottom with graffiti
Or should I say burners, tags and throw-ups
A million voices
A million dreams all screamin from the margins. .

But still never noticed

written in big block silver letters
traveling from burrow to burrow
with the writing on the wall for all to see
but hard to read cause it aint for everybody
coded language has always been part of our history
truths carved out by modern day poets, outlaws and artists
who had dreams of justice but wrote what they seen
it’s a crime that city streets are filled
with obscene wealth and destitute poverty simultaneously (1)

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Terça-feira, 4 de Setembro de 2007

Style Wars - New York Graffiti

Style Wars

In the early 1980s, New York kids reacted to the urban decay and poverty around them with a burst of creative self-expression that became known as hip hop: rapping, DJ-ing, breakdancing and graffiti art.

Subway trains were the white canvasses graffiti writers used to make their mark on the world. In 1983, PBS aired Style Wars, a documentary chronicling the early days of hip hop, when young graffiti "taggers" used to spray their names on subway trains for fame, to the chagrin of authorities and their parents.

Style Wars celebrates the graffiti artists' modern-day hieroglyphics, and captures the days and nights when the young outlaws ruled the subway lines.

The film follows notorious graffiti writers such as Min One, Dez, Iz and Seen as they sneak through subway tunnels to train yards, avoiding the ominous electric third rails. Armed with cans of Krylon spray paint, they outrun transit police to create mural masterpieces with block letters and cartoon figures, all in the name of fame. Style Wars documents the thrill of seeing their so-called "wild style" graffiti tags on passing subway trains. (F)

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