Quinta-feira, 15 de Maio de 2008

Mapping London

"Mapping London is a short film expressing the notion of myself as the transformed Londoner. Moving from a small village to the city almost two years ago I express how London draws you in and makes you a component so rapidly. The film demonstrates everyday repeated parts of my life literally ‘mapping our London’. I represent my unconscious mind ignoring the mundane and ordinary that was once seen through tourist eyes."[F]
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Quarta-feira, 13 de Fevereiro de 2008

Mind The Graphics

"From 14 February, London Underground is to trial various graphic devices on the Jubilee Line. The markings are designed to encourage those waiting on platforms to let passengers off the train before getting on themselves."[F]
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Sábado, 6 de Outubro de 2007

Light Graffiti

"Any person, place, or thing can become a central piece of the art. Because all it really takes is less than a minute, light tagging phone booth can be just as easy as something in the privacy of home, though staying home is certainly less fun. Some ‘hardcore’ taggers are set on Light Graffiti not actually being graffiti because it doesn’t have a physical presence, but after seeing photos of it, it’s not too different from tagging a building and having it covered or removed the next day.
See if you can make some yourself. The general rule of Light Graffiti seems to be experimentation and play, so, if your first ‘tag’ isn’t brilliance, keep at it."LICHTFAKTOR

 © lichtfaktor

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