Quinta-feira, 26 de Março de 2009

This is indie rock in 2009

"I hadn't given much thought to SXSW before arriving, and didn't have many expectations. My first experience of the place was waiting in line for "registration" with hundreds, maybe thousands of other musicians. It was the most bedraggled, poverty stricken, drugged out, greasy bunch of insecure losers I have ever stood in a line with, and they were all arrogant to boot. Now this is a sad situation. We were all standing in line, waiting to be tagged, cows at the feed lot waiting for the slaughter, each one fighting to be first in line. Soon as we got our indestructible and unremovable non-transferrable space age bracelets fitted to our skinny wrists, the competition began! Oh my lordy me oh my.

And of course the music didn't matter. At all. We were all wearing earplugs and stumbling around blindly in search of comfort and relief from the 90 degree heat. Targets and sitting ducks. Water was scarce, so we drank a lot of beer. And somebody is making money here, I can see it and feel it. But none of it is going into the hands of musicians. This is indie rock in 2009. I see.


Para perceberem melhor o universo da Larkin Grimm nada melhor do que ouvir a conversa sincera e elucidante que teve com o Sérgio Hydalgo em 2007.
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Terça-feira, 24 de Julho de 2007

Kyp Malone

©Vera Marmelo

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